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Library Shelves That Are Meant To Be Climbed

Created by Monterrey-based firm Anagrama, the library in Conarte was designed to encourage children to love reading and learning.

The library was commissioned by Nuevo León’s Regional Council for Culture and Art and is located in Fundidora Park, which used to be a steelworks and foundry and was converted to a complex with gardens, museums, theme parks, convention centers, auditoriums, and cultural venues like the Conarte.

The site for the library is an old warehouse-like building and Anagrama took into consideration the ‘untouchable’ nature of the building and improve it aesthetically.

The library is designed to reflect the mountainous features of Monterrey itself, with geometric shelving that double as storage for books and as space for children to play with or without books. The bookshelves are covered in carpeting and kids can clamber over them and have fun while playing, learning or reading.

Anagrama also used bright colors to liven up the space and encourage imagination.

Click here to see more photos of Anagrama’s library in Conarte!

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